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8-Day Between Holiday Cleanse

NourishMe’s Premier whole body cleanse experience

will help you create the vibrant health you deserve and desire, so you can wake up rested, feel sexy in your skin and shine in your life.

Welcome to the most catered whole body cleanse premier experience!

This cleanse was created in response to an overwhelming request for a more intensive personalized experience.

Many of you are telling us you want more focus, clarity, accountability and personalized action steps to be in your best vibrant health, recharge your relationships and truly step into your personal brilliance!

Our 8-day cleanse is the perfect jump start for gently clearing out toxins, calming the inflammation so the liver can do its 500 chores a day. You'll have individualized attention and loving support so you can accelerate your results, have our health and nutrition savvy focused only on you and your process.

Your commitment to showing up mentally, energetically, spiritually and openly are the keys to achieving everything you want, as is asking for support and being open to new ways of thinking. You should be willing to be challenged to go outside your comfort zone. This will help you make your glowing health a reality much faster.

ONLY 15 participants will be accepted into our  Whole Body Cleanse Experience.

So how did we design this program for you?

As our own business continues to grow at a rapid pace, we’ve been faced with the challenge of helping people, who we highly value, to achieve their best health while maintaining careers and raising families.

During this cleanse NourishMe will make all the food for you so you can relax. No grocery lines, wondering what to eat, no missing meals, no cleaning up your blenders, pots & pans.

  • For the first 5 days you will come in and pick up your juice’s, Kitcharee (split mung dal & rice), sauerkraut, raw food crackers, apple, and Essiac tea.

  • On day 6 you will pick up: 1 cup of Essiac tea, 1 cup of bone broth, 1 cup of chicken broth, 1 cup of miso soup to which we have added diatomaceous earth (a silica for intestinal cleansing).

  • On day 7 you will pick up Julie’s most delicious famous nettle soup, juices, crackers, apple & sauerkraut.

  • On day 8 you'll pick up a very comforting quart of root vegetable chicken soup, roasted red beet salad with sprouts, humus and quinoa dressing, raw crackers, and an amazing raw food dessert. Whoa

We will teach you how to dry brush and oil pull. Julie will also discuss:

  • Chakra Tai Chi
  • Cleansing Therapies

  • Daily syllabus

  • Benefits of cleansing

  • Benefits of bone broth

  • Recipes

  • Suggested grain free, sugar free, dairy free diet and menu to follow after cleanse.

Earlier Event: November 24
Pre Cleanse Meeting