In 1992, while Ananda was juicing inside the old Williams market in Ketchum, I was taking a layman's course in homeopathy at the Jon Bastyr College for Natural Pathic Medicine, and frequenting Eddie’s Juice Bar by Green Lake in Seattle. Radical foodies were experimenting with raw food diets, while grandparents were wondering what happened to the real food they grew up with.

It was the year I made a left hand turn and head to the French Alps for a ski season and stayed for the next decade. We came back every summer to live like gypsies in a motor home and camp at various rock climbing sites throughout the West. 

Our alternative lifestyle was outside the realm of the industrial direction food production had taken, and that was now being encouraged in the school and political system. 

I guess we could say that while we were "living the life of Riley" Rome was burning.

Not until we returned to the Wood River Valley in 2002 when our daughter was in first grade did I notice the state of the food here. The doctor said, “fatten' up your daughter” to which I relied, “she doesn’t like the milk, eggs, or cheese here.”  Our daughter’s discriminating palate was able to distinguish the lack of flavor and hint of pesticides in the pasteurized foods. She even turned her nose up at the overly sweet-yogurts.  Clearly the dairy was not from the goats in the little French village where she had spent her early life.

What the happened? How did we get so bamboozled by government deregulation that we were willing to forfeit the taste, goodness and health in our diets? My generation may yet out live many children born in the year 2000. 

NourishMe is about nourishment at every stage of human development. We offer general support for families regarding nourishment, food allergies, as well as cooking classes, and product show-and-tell. We encourage everyone to find a way to eat and live a happy and full life closer to one's home. Question everything, just as we did in third grade.

NourishMe is a real health food store committed to using organics and locally grown produce that supports sustainable agriculture.

Our goal is to help you enjoy eating well.

Today, I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, seeing clients at NourishMe in Ketchum. Nutrition is the study of the biological processes of digesting food and our body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Nutrients are the chemical compounds vital to support life. 

Nutritional Therapists help clients to understand and develop healthy eating habits in order to solve health problems and increase future health prospects.

Clients fill out a three-day food journal, and an extensive questionnaire. Afterwards, nutritionists conduct a Lingual-Neurol Test (LNT) for the hot points with corresponding supplements or foods to find the best healing substances for the present symptoms. Based on these activities, the nutritionist will compile a plan of action involving appropriate daily diet and supplements that will last for one to two weeks.