Why Cleanse at NourishMe

Do you wish you had stuck to your New Years resolution?

Clear your calendar.

 We can help

Did you know that besides filtering all toxins the liver helps create healthy serotonin 

(the happy hormone) levels? Serotonin is actually metabolized by the liver.

Did you know that our gut and all mucosal linings are our immune system?

Did you know that our immune system responds to the thoughts we think?

Our purpose is to clear the liver so it can do its 500 jobs every day

1. Help your intestines break down and absorb the foods we eat.

2. Help relieve stress from the body, mind and soul.

3. Help you loose weight

4. Help you look and feel younger

The NourishMe Cleanse lasts nine-days. 

1. It includes all tea preparation, cooking and juicing. That’s three meals a day 

for nine days=27 meals. 

2. This takes the stress off of shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

3. We also teach the basics of dry brushing, oil pulling, and Chakra Thai Chi.

4. The NourishMe staff is a very supportive community. (ie: We have fun with 

Our Cleanse uses specific foods and drinks to help the process of detoxing. Essiac 

tea nourishes the liver and kidneys. Green drinks and specific herbs help move 

the toxins into the bloodstream. We add ghee (clarified butter) hemp and flax oil 

to our kitcheree to attract the toxins. And by drinking copious amounts of lemon 

water the liver is opened up, kept hydrated and able to pass those toxins through 

the kidneys without stopping to have a party. 

Most of us eat too much, or too much of the wrong foods, and are exposed 

(unknowingly) to heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. Our liver can 

become so overwhelmed from dealing with these potentially dangerous toxins that 

it can’t keep up with the daily housekeeping. By limiting our foods to a few easily 

digested and nourishing ones we can give your liver a break. Like spring-cleaning 

your home, we can finally clear out all the nasty stuff we stuffed under the bed. 

And we can finally attend to those the mind-dulling cobwebs in the attic. The liver 

will be able to move all this sludge of hormones that have been bottled up, moodily 

This foods are designed to keep you happy and healthy throughout the cleanse and 

beyond. Don’t put this off for another time. Join our friendly staff at NourishMe and 

feel the love. Inside and out. You won’t regret it.