Julie Johnson

Dana DuGan is a 20-year resident of the Wood River Valley. She’s the programming director at the Valley’s only community radio station, KDPI, a DJ and a media and PR consultant for various clients. As well, she is as a freelance writer, and has written for such print outlets as Sun Valley Magazine, Edible Idaho South, 812 Living, Boise Weekly, Relish and the Idaho Mountain Express (as staff writer for 10-years).  A longtime natural health, sustainable living, and organic, local food proponent, she is a committed gardener at her home in Hailey. She’s been with NourishMe since the store opened in June 2010.


Celeste Silva

Julie Johnson. See Julie’s Story page

"In 1992, while Ananda was juicing inside the old Williams market in Ketchum, I was taking a layman's course in homeopathy at the Jon Bastyr College for Natural Pathic Medicine, and frequenting Eddie’s Juice Bar by Green Lake in Seattle. Radical foodies were experimenting with raw food diets, while grandparents were wondering what happened to the real food they grew up with.

It was the year I made a left hand turn and head to the French Alps for a ski season and stayed for the next decade. We came back every summer to live like gypsies in a motor home and camp at various rock climbing sites throughout the West. 

Our alternative lifestyle was outside the realm of the industrial direction food production had taken, and that was now being encouraged in the school"  ...continue reading

Dana DuGan

Celeste Silva has lived in the Wood River Valley for 20 years as an artist and mother of two.  Throughout her life she has prepared food intuitively.  In using nutrition to heal herself, she’s realized that food is an important healing element, and wanted to share that healing with others so they might find the courage to do the same. With this passion she is excited to be a part of NourishMe as the kitchen manager.  When she's not crafting homemade foods she can be found hiking, camping, skiing, and hot-springing with her boyfriend. 


Ruth Clark is a native of Idaho and has always called the mountains home. In her early 20s she began exploring her inner and outer worlds, traveling to exotic destinations and seeking scholarly knowledge in the healing arts. Her love of words whether written or spoken has created a voracious appetite for learning while adding to her experiential spiritual life style. She has studied many healing modalities and has trained in several teaching programs. Most notably, she’s a graduate of a three-year program based on the Berkley Psychic Institute curriculum, and a Master in Reiki. She studied with Hank Wesselman PhD and his wife Jill Kuykendall from Shared Wisdom. She spent several years immersed in their Shamanic traditions taught through a Hawaiian perspective. She also completed a 200-hour Shamanic Yoga teacher-training program in Peru

Ruth Clark